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Our Elected Lawmakers Are Forgetting Our Veterans Still Unaccounted For

Now that the commitment to never forget our missing in action and prisoners of war has been made outside our nation’s most prominent building, it must be matched inside, as well, by our lawmakers.

AMVETS praises Congress and the President for passing and signing into law the POW/MIA Flag Act. This important new law requires the display of the POW/MIA flag outside of high-profile Federal buildings and National war memorials throughout the year.

AMVETS is hopeful that this will serve as encouragement for members of Congress to properly display the flag outside their offices, as is protocol.

“It was not that long ago that the iconic black and white flag that means so much to so many was a fixture up and down every hallway of Capitol Hill. That was not the case this past summer, when AMVETS leaders went from office to office, talking to members of Congress and their staff, asking them to once again properly display the POW/MIA flag outside their offices.”
- Jan Brown, National Commander, AMVETS

The bill was signed into law by President Donald Trump on Thursday, after passing the House and Senate without objection earlier this year. Prior to the Bill’s passage, flying the POW/MIA flag had only been required on six days each year:  Armed Forces Day in May, Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June, Independence Day in July, National POW/MIA Recognition Day in September, and Veterans Day in November.

“While we appreciate the sentiments during those times of the year, it is too easy to forget our nation’s missing heroes, and the pain some families experience throughout the rest of the year,” said Brown.

In September of this year, AMVETS mentioned during the announcement of their pro-veterans demonstration motorcycle ride, Rolling To Remember, that the organization will publish an up-to-date list of lawmakers who are not properly displaying the POW/MIA flag outside their offices on Capitol Hill. The list, which shows a third of federal lawmakers still not displaying the flag in the halls of Congress, will be released to the public on Veterans Day at

POW/MIA Flags are disappearing from the halls of Congress

“It now appears Congress and by extension those they represent, is forgetting. We cannot stand for that, particularly at a time when troops are still fighting and dying in foreign lands as we stand here today. By passing the POW/MIA Flag Act, we have ensured the missing in action and prisoners of war are not forgotten outside of Federal buildings and National War monuments. Now it is time for Congress to match that commitment in their hallways.”
- Joe Chenelly, National Executive Director, AMVETS
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