The news is out regarding the reasons why the itinerary had to come out so late. We are still in staging lot limbo with the Pentagon.


After weeks of unreturned emails, phone calls, and more, we are finally beginning to make some progress regarding communication with Pentagon Special Events leadership.


However, we are less than two month away from this ride. The Pentagon and D.C. knows they will be hosting thousands of riders and supporters this Memorial Day weekend, Pentagon staging or not.


If you caught our Facebook live on Rolling To Remember page earlier today (featured below) we are issuing a call to action to all veterans, veteran advocates, and American patriots.

We need veterans & supporters to make their voices heard.


Please call your U.S. Senators’ offices in Washington right away. We don’t have any more time to lose. Ask them to urge the Pentagon to approve the “Rolling to Remember May 30 permit application” this week. Let them know you require a follow-up once they’ve done so. Use this link to find their phone numbers:


AMVETS mentioned during the announcement of their pro-veterans demonstration motorcycle ride, Rolling To Remember, that the organization would publish an up-to-date list of lawmakers who are not properly displaying the POW/MIA flag outside their offices on Capitol Hill.
“It now appears Congress and by extension those they represent, is forgetting,” said AMVETS National Executive Director Joe Chenelly. “We cannot stand for that, particularly at a time when troops are still fighting and dying in foreign lands as we stand here today. Now it is time for Congress to match that commitment in their hallways.”
As of November 7, 2019 Congressional members wishing to have their name taken off this list must send to a photo of the POW-MIA flag being displayed outside their Capitol Hill office. They will be taken off the list the same day. An AMVETS member will verify in-person to ensure the flag remains displayed.
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